Packages & Pricing

1:1 Consultation Package

This is the most popular option to book appointments with me and the best value for money. This is perfect for those with Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS, IBS, or would like fertility nutrition support. I will support you with my proven signature frameworks to improve your specific symptoms and achieve your health goals. 

The package includes:

Total value is £704.00, however, this consultation package is available at £390.00 payable after the initial consultation or as 2 x £210.00 monthly payments

VIP Consultation Package - 4 months programme

I offer a limited number of VIP consultation  packages. This is ideal for those who are looking for more support to improve their symptoms and I tend to recommend it for those who have several nutritional areas they wish to address (for example endometriosis or PCOS and fertility or fertility concerns and IBS). 

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Apply for a discovery call to see if this package is right for you and to discuss pricing. 

30-minute Supplement Consultation

Are you trying to conceive? Or do you have endometriosis or PCOS? Are you taking several supplements but you have no idea if you need these and if you are taking the right ones? Or are you taking no supplements and wonder what you might need to support your body? This is a quick 30-minute consultation where we discuss your unique supplement needs. 

The supplement consultations are available at £60.00. Please note this will only cover the supplement consultation. If you also have nutrition questions I recommend booking a full hour long consultation. 

Individual Appointments

If you are not sure how many appointments you might like, this is a good option for you and you can book as many follow up appointments as required. This is also perfect for those who just wish to have all their questions answered or would like to have their current intake and supplements reviewed. 

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Individual appointments are £120.00 for the initial 1-hour appointment and £90.00 for any follow-up consultations (45-minutes each).

Book your FREE discovery call

I offer FREE 20-minute discovery calls. If you are not sure which package is right for you or you would like to discuss your unique situation further, please fill in the form and I will give you a call.